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Read from a selection of testimonials below and visit Yelp for even more.


Irina is an angel on Earth and healing is in her bones! 

She has changed my health through hirudotherapy and through other therapeutic modalites, my overall health. When I first met Irina, I was chronically tired, emotionally drained and experiencing new joint/muscular pains that I had never had before. I was referred to her by a dear friend and terrified at the thought of putting leeches anywhere near my body. But it took only one session and one gifted healer to change my mind. I almost can't compare her to any other healer or health care specialist because she is in a category of her own. Her bedside manner, intuition and ability to meet you where you are at without overwhelming is rare - and not something you can teach. I've now been seeing Irina for 3 years (more intensively at first and now for maintenance as needed) and I've never felt healthier or had better skin. She helped prepare my body for a healthy and complication free pregnancy AND birth (I had the best pregnancy and vaginal birth - no tearing). My 19 month old baby boy is also healthy and thriving. 

What I value most and why I will always go back: she is constantly evolving and always backing her modalities with science. As a fellow health professional myself, I seek out those that invest in continuing education/development. 

Ultimately, Irina is an energy shifter. She clears blockages and opens your body and mind to health.

Dana M. 2.4.2019

Los Angeles, CA

I've been to Irina's office for 2 sessions , till now my symptoms are improving , the condition I have has been with me for almost 2 years , I've got lower back pain and other stuff going on with me so I don't expect swift result .... until now the results are amazing

Ara B. 9.20.2018

Glendale, CA

Where do i start im so happy i went back to Irina for the second time.  I initially went to see her for my varicose veins but of course she got a sample of my blood and my digestive and circulation issues came up.  Ive always had constipation issues since i was little i thought it was normal.  After seein Irina im now goin 1 to 2 times day instead of 2 or 3 times a month.  Ive had weight loss not that i needed it but it does feel good to be lighter and my energy levels are higher than ever.   She asked me if i had pain in my body and prior to seein her my right shoulder was giving me problems for a month.  I went to get a chair massage nothing, i bought otc creams nothing i was in so much pain.  Finally Irina placed the magnets on my shoulder and the pain has been gone for about 2 mon now.  I truly recommend her shes awesome and her leeches are my best friends forever lol. Also my menstruation is shorter in days, i used to be 7 days now im about 4 to 5 days which is great for me.  My ob gyn wanted to do a hysterectomy bcuz the amount and length of my period but thank god i was healthy from the inside and i felt i didnt want surgery.  Irina and her leeches helped me in that aspect which im forever thankful and i forgot to mention no bloating b4 my period back pains are less than b4.  My skin color has also improved i walked in to her place porcelain white now it looks like ive been tannin which  i dont.  I also have glaucoma im supposed to use my 2 eye drops'twice a day but i now use them once a day, i saw my dr. And she says my eye pressure is the same and my eyes nerves are still the same so nothin has changed for the worse.  I just felt like takin my eye drops twice a day was messin with my sight.  Overall i feel great, and healthy and like i said before i recommend Irina.

Lorraine S. 6.6.2017

Oxnard, CA

Wow!!! I can honestly say Irina has changed my life!! Before I found Irina. I had been dealing with chronic Bacteria and Viral infections like Yeast and UTI's that I could never fully get rid of. To the point where I was antibiotic resistant and probiotics weren't working either.

I also had lymphedema in both of my legs and my groin area which is swelling cause by blockages in the lymphatic system. This was due to a hysterectomy I had about 4 years ago.

The hysterectomy also left me with scar tissue and inflammation which I didn't realize was causing things like infection, bowel obstructions, constipation and sever dermatitis on my legs to name a few. 

I also had inflammation and dryness in my abdomen and vagina to the point where intimacy with my husband was painful because my body had changed so much.  I actually thought this was just the "new normal" and I couldn't really do much about it.

So for years I was seeing a bunch of different doctors, everyone from Gi specialists to dermatologists to my Gyn- Oncologist without any concrete answers. 

That's when I found Ayurveda (my practitioner  is amazing as well) and she was the first one to connect all of these ailments to my lymphatic system. She suggested leeches and I immediately called Irina. 

Ok I'm lying I was terrified and thought Leeches!??! No way! But then I thought about the quality of my health and said screw it- I'm willing to try anything to get some answers :)

After 4 sessions with Irina I can't believe how my body has changed every single one of these issues has vanished! I am using the teas and supplements Irina suggests and I have never felt more alive and more energy! 

My body is back to normal in only 6 weeks. Even the parts I thought were scarred forever from my hysterectomy. These magnets and leeches are powerful healers and Irina is such a caring woman! I'm so lucky to have found her

Jessica V. 5.31.2017

Las Vegas, NV

I was having circulation problems with my legs. My legs were swollen and my skin was sensitive. I change my diet and again to juice more and eat healthier. Still I couldn't see big changes any changes to my legs. So I began looking into alternative unconventional practices that could help my situation. Online I came across a website that talked about healing therapy's and leeches.  On my first visit which consisted of my initial consultation. She began to layout a specific game plan that would help my specific problem. She is a true professional with a wonderful understanding of the human body. My program consisted of  just four sessions using leech therapy and magnet therapy. I no longer have a problem with circulation and leg pain. Plus added unexpected surprise I lost 10 pounds during the therapy. I highly recommend her services for everyone.

B. Y. 5.21.2017

Los Angeles, CA

Irina did it again! I have been suffering from a severe ankle sprain for about a year now. After going to several physical therapists and soaking my foot in buckets of ice water for months with little to no relief, I made an appointment with Irina. She recommended that I try the leech therapy after the magnet therapy to remove the excess inflammation in my ankle and I was open to that, but something amazing happened during my magnet therapy session! Intuitively, she places magnets on my sprained ankle and about ten minutes into my session, I felt the BLOOD FLOW RESTORED in my left foot. I have not felt this much range of motion in my ankle since my sprain. We did not even have to use the leeches. I'm so incredibly grateful for Irina and her gifts! Thank you!

Niree K. 5.11.2017

Reseda, CA

I agree with the 100 stars review! Irina is incredible! The first time I went to her I had a horrible inner ear infection where my ear had completely swollen shut and I was in a lot of pain. My friend convinced me to go and I am thrilled that I did. Not only did she speed up the healing of my ear with leeches and magnets but she is super knowledgeable about so many other things. She is an amazing woman and a true healer. I would recommend her to anyone.

Ashley F. 4.6.2017

Los Angeles, CA

Irina is an amazing and loving healer. She helped me heal an eye retinal edema that the doctors wanted to prescribe eye injections for and after her treatment I went for an eye check up  and they concluded that they are not necessary anymore, also balancing my thyroid function and my blood pressure that was high got much better with leeches, magnets and ozone treatment.  I highly recommend her treatments.  Gratitude Irina!

Juanita D. 4.1.2017

Los Angeles, CA


I wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for me.

I wanted to express my personal gratitude towards you on Yelp because your reviews are what initially convinced me to call you and schedule an appointment!

I first came to see you for two reasons: 
severe edema & painful hemorrhoids

We checked my blood and found candida and parasites. We did muscle testing and discovered that I was indeed "allergic" to many foods that I was happily consuming on a daily basis. We did leeches to treat the hemorrhoids.

I immediately changed my diet and noticed a huge difference with the swelling. My hemorrhoids disappeared.

I then came to see you for magnet therapy. I was curious about trying this for viruses. I knew that I had Epstein-Barr and Herpes. It worked! I was so happy with my results that I brought my husband too.

We have also done extensive muscle testing for supplements which has been extremely helpful on my healing journey.

We then did a series of magnet therapy treatments to tackle the parasites. I also drank Pau D'Arco tea during this time. We got rid of the candida and the parasites. 

I always suffered after my periods due to anemia. I have felt great after every period since addressing these issues because as you wisely pointed out parasites were the root cause of my anemia!

I love coming to see you for maintenance and tune ups because spending time with you is such a rare joy!


I would like to finish by saying how appreciative I am of the fact that you always respond so promptly whenever I text you with questions!

Jennifer M. 2.6.2017

New York, NY

I stoped taking prescription drugs and going to doctors. My persistent sinusitis and headache is gone. Definitely recommend ozone for the ear infections, magnets for your immune system and leaches for sinus. Thanks to Irina I'm finally feeling myself after been constantly sick for almost a year!

Gala L. 12.18.2016

Los Angeles, CA

Irina is an amazing healer and excellent leech therapy practitioner, and! registered nurse! Indeed as good as it gets.
I came to Irina as last hope with my difficult and very rare condition called Erythromelalgia, or EM for short, my feet felt like they were on fire and it was very difficult to function and live a normal life. For almost a year I was searching for answers, unfortunately traditional medicine had no answer for me, since all the tests were normal but my feet were just burning more and more.
Irina was able to help me, after 5 sessions there was such a difference and I am so very very grateful. Irina's caring attention and professional attitude helped me to receive treatment and benefit was beyond any expectation.
I will definitely come back to 'maintenance'

Abhi I. 8.24.2016

Los Angeles, CA

I know, call me crazy, but those slimy little things work. Okay, I'm 45, active, fit, healthy, but having played football in the Big Ten as a linebacker, I got some issues with my joints, especially my knees. Not much cartilage left in them. Went to see Irina and after one session of magnets on my body, ozone in my ears and 3 leeches on each knees, my knees felt reborn! Yes, the 36 hours after the leeches can be a bit itchy but the way my knees felt for the following 3 months made it all worthwhile. I go back now about every 3 to 4 months and Irina has done a terrific job keeping me and my knees feeling great. And if I were to blog about all the good Irina has done for my wife--well, let's just say it would be a very, very long and complimentary blog! Irina is terrific! My highest praise.

Adam S. 7.26.2016

Los Angeles, CA

Irina is an awesome person, very professional, who knows many things about holistic medicine. I had an tremendous headache, and severe peripheral nerves  damage. None of the doctors I visited were able to help me, and I was hospitalized twice, I have seen neurologists,  immunologists, I did all possible blood work, and so on, for almost two years. After four sessions of treatment with magnets and leeches I feel good for the first time. Amazing results, and I can not be thankful enough.

Thank you Irina!

Ed K. 6.22.2016

Temecula, CA

After years of suffering from painful canker sores, and having been to every type of doctor possible, I was recommended to Irina.  She treated me with ozone and magnet therapy, and also did the live blood analysis.  All this was very new and enlightening to me.  Within days, I was feeling better and the canker sores subsided.  I had the best sleep after my treatment!  

One of the biggest bonuses during the few appointments I have had with Irina is the advice she gives about overall health, nutrition, eating habits, etc. (Life!)  She truly cares.  The wisdom she so generously imparts is intuitive and comes from the heart.  Priceless!

Irina is a gifted healer.  I highly-highly recommend her!

Talin M. 5.31.2016

Chatsworth, CA

I would give Irina Brodsky a 100 stars if there was an option.  

Such a dedicated, kind and conscientious professional who would go above and beyond to help you with your imbalance.

Her services are perfect for people struggling with virus and unknown bacteria, as well as swelling, gout, and many other issues in the tissues.

Irina's specialties are live blood analysis, biomagnetic resonance, cupping and leeches.  Detailed oriented and quite thorough.  She will not let go until she finds the root of the problem.  I give her my highest respect and recommendation.  NAMASTE.

Sophia I. 10.16.2015

Reseda, CA

I've been living with [cold sores] for the last 25 years. The sores are painful, ugly looking and take forever to heal.(Even with medication it takes up to 2 weeks).
My latest outbreak I decided not to treat with medication, and went to Irina for help.  She treated me with magnets and ozone.  The sore started to dry out the very next day, and a week later it's barely visible.  I am very happy with not having to take medication, and the healing took place after only one visit.  Irina is now my go-to-healer for anything that may come up.  Her treatments really work.

Irina N. 10.16.2015

In 5 years i have seen over 20 practicioners.. western medicine,  aruvedic,  acupuncturists, bio feedback,  naturopaths, Chinese medicine and have spent thousands of dollars. I have been on so many cleanses and plagued with different symptoms and was told "youre losing your vision because youre getting older"..."you just need a 6month round of antibiotics to fix your skin issues"...."youre just tired because you are a mom".... and on and on with no lasting results. 

I have had 4 visits with Irina and i now dont need glasses at night to drive, skin issue has cleared by 90% already, i have energy and im happy and feeling great. 

I have also brought my children and Irina has healed their issues of constipation and little stomach bug with magnets. Both in one session.  

Irina is without a doubt the MOST dedicated healer i have ever visited. She takes her time, explains, checks in and her results were apparent pretty quickly. And her pricing is beyond fair for all she does.  AND shes just wonderful to be around.  So happy I found her.

Tracy M. 1.20.2016

Studio City, CA

Irina is truly a blessing and a gift. Her approach to healing is as one that I wish everyone to experience. I have never written a yelp review, but for this woman I do it with excitment and hope that you take this information to heart and take the next steps towards your healing journey. When I first arrived at Irina's I was at my lowest. I had been struggling with auto immunine diseases and digestive issues ( candida) for several years. I had gone to several western doctors who would only prescribe me a pill or an antibiotic, which just made everything worse. I was in constant pain, always getting sick, and disgusted with my skin and overall health. I felt like a shadow was casted over me. I arrived to Irina with brittle nails, horrible acne, and stomach issues for days. At this point I was willing to try any alternative approaches, because western medicine was not the answer for me. 


I wanted to try leech therapy but after speaking with Irina for over an hour ( yes I said over an hour just speaking) she looked at me and my blood and told me no, something that sick people often don't want to hear but often need to. She suggest biomagnet therapy and a few rounds of ozone therapy for my situation and my needs. 


I will try to save you the gruesome details but Irina is truly a savior and after my treatments, I felt immediate relief, and another look under the microscope confirmed my perviously non moving white blood cells, were active and eating all the bad toxins. 


Along with the great advice, the almost daily check in's. and a change in my diet ( suggested by Irina). I felt great and was able to fight of the virus that I was battling for what seemed like years. 


Irina is patient, kind, caring, and does everything with LOVE. She care about your time, your money, and most importantly your health, qualities Western doctors have lost. She is a brilliant woman who has been a healer for 20+ years, a nurse, and an engineer. She is wise beyond her years and very intuitive about her craft. I would recommend her services to anyone I know because I know they will be cared for. 


And whats even better, her office is very relaxing and right near the water ( I always dipped my feet in after seeing her )


I am so grateful to have stumbled across her on a random yelp search and I pray others will find her and healing for themselves as well. 


Thank you Irina, for being such an angel, blessing to you and your family !

Dani R. 9.25.2015

Last time my blood pressure was jumping up and down through the day.
Even though my physician prescribed some medication, it wasn't work for me. 
When I heard about Irina from my friend, I called her right away.
At the time I came for the first session my blood pressure was: 175 over 97. 
Over all I got 4 sessions with leeches and ozone therapy, and, fortunately, my 
blood pressure stabilized around 130-140 over 80-87, which is great! 
I am so grateful to Irina for her special old fashioned, amazing treatment!
She called me after each session to make sure I felt good and advised what to do next. Under Irina's care I felt really comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

I will definitely recommend her remarkable treatment to my friends. Thank you Irina! I love you!

Emiliya R. 4.6.2015

West Hollywood, CA

Anyone who was born in Europe knows about leech therapy. It is a routine procedure in every clinic. I have varicose veins and sought out Irina Brodsky, leech therapist. She is a highly knowledgeable specialist, and a wonderful person. Prior to meeting Irina, my family doctor recommended I try laser or sclerotherapy. Leech therapy is a more natural alternative and turned out to work really well. I was impressed that I felt results immediately after the first procedure. My veins became less painful and puffy. I will be continuing my treatments with Irina and highly recommend them! Thank you Irina!

Lilia S. 6.22.2014

Santa Monica, CA

My husband had a bad cold, and I was beginning to feel the onset of one myself:  Runny nose, headache, general lack of energy.  Irina helped me in the past to avoid a full-blown cold, so back I came.  She applied leeches and ozone therapy.


The first 24 hours were a bit rough, with my body reacting to the treatment, but the following day all the symptoms were gone and I felt well again.


I have recommended Irina’s services to a friend of mine who also had a bad cold, with a sore throat and headache.  And after only one treatment she felt much better and able to continue her normal routine. 


I would highly recommend leech and ozone therapy to anyone who wants to get well without taking antibiotics and avoid feeling miserable for the duration of a cold or flu.


Thanks again Irina!

Irina N. 5.17.2014

Northridge, CA



I went to see Irina Brodsky for a unique reason. My 9 year old French Bulldog Pinot had an aural hematoma.  The vet told me there was no way to drain it without filling right back up. They also said it would be 2k in surgery to repair it so it wouldnt cause deformity in his ear (possibly resulting in more ear infections).


Guess what? Two weeks later and it's totally better. GONE! The ear looks as perfect as the other (which with Frenchies you know are pretty cute!). I am a believer in surgery and medical care when necessary, but I am so glad I did this!! Pinot was in very little discomfort and seems even more energetic and happy since we went.


One ot the things I loved about Irina was she kept checking in on him (by text) and didn't rush me to come back in until it was time for the next session.


Affordable, easy to schedule, effective - and you will LOVE Irina when you met her.  Couldn't recumbend her more.  Can"t wait to go to her some anti-aging treatments…:)


If you take your pet to her - she can provide pictures of Pinot, my pup, before and after.

Joan L. 5.14.2014

Venice, CA


Trust me, I am totally happy woman now with NO HEMORRHOIDS!


Marina G. 5.7.2014

Irina Brodsky is a phenomenal healer. Add to that the fact that she cares about her customers and is (almost) as delighted as they are with their results, and there is really no better scenario for natural, side-effect free healing. I have suffered from chronic migraines for going on for five years. I have been open to basically trying any healing modality to be set free from the constant, excruciating pain. I saw countless number of migraine specialists, and was taking medications on a regular basis for all these years. I did my first leech and ozone therapy treatment while with a migraine. The next day, as Irina predicted, I did not trigger a migraine, and then the next and then the next. Voila! It is now six weeks and counting, and I am migraine-free and living life again. My energy level is up, and I am beginning to mentally accept my new reality. I love these leeches to pieces, and Irina is a nurse, healer, and holistic practitioner who has my unqualified recommendation. Any individual who chooses to use her services is a fortunate person indeed.


Thank you Irina for setting me free!!! 

Diane D. 2.7.2014

I had sharp pain in the area below my right thumb. It was so severe, that when I applied the smallest pressure, I cried out of pain. It came to the point that I was trying not to use my right hand. Which was quite difficult since I am right handed. All the medications, and supplements I tried for a long time was not effective enouhg. It took 2 treatments with Irina, and pain subsided 80%. And it keeps getting better as time goes on. I am very grateful, thank you Irina!

Maria N. 12.7.2013

I injured my nose due to the martial arts training. It was bleeding. I had hard time to breeze and my face was all swollen. I was not able to see a doctor because it was on a weekend. I got lucky I found Irina. She did these leeches on my face: right between my eyebrows and on each side of my nose for two days. By the end of the first day I was able to breathe, didnt feel any pain. All bruising and swelling was gone very quickly. It's been 6 month since her treatment. I feel very good. I also used Irina's services for my knee injury. Next day after treatment I was again free of pain! I can recommend Irina's services to anybody with similar problems. I also know that leeches are used for a lot of different problems, and Irina is very knowlegable and professional in what she does. Thank you very much Irina.

Slava Y. 11.8.2013

Pacific Palisades, CA

My leech therapist, Irina, is very knowledgeable in various holistic forms of therapy. Hirudotherapy (medicinal leeches treatment) is all natural, and drug and side effects free. It does not even hurts, since leeches release an anaesthetic substance, when they bite, which makes it very easy experience. Furthermore, the leeches do not move when they are working on the body. As soon as they attach, they are stable, so there is no need to worry about them moving off the place on the body where the therapy is being performed. Irina does not just perform Hirudotherapy. She also has comprehensive knowledge of and performs various modalities like visceral adjustment, cupping, ozone therapy. She furzer discusses with you what you need to eat and what do you need to avoid. She is a licensed nurse and she cares about you like she is your mother. I went from being depressed and fatigued to being very happy and energetic in less than two month of receiving her comprehensive forms of treatment. I really appreciate what she has done for me and the amount I have paid is miniscule in compared to the results I have achieved. Thank you so much Irina!

Ethan C. 9.18.2013

Beverly Hills, CA

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